Shared information and collaboration can be the most useful tools in efforts to improve the lives of children. MS KIDS COUNT has provided the following list of resources in order to increase awareness of efforts on behalf of children and to connect those seeking information with available sources. The views of the following groups do not necessarily represent those of the MS KIDS COUNT program and/or the Annie E. Casey Foundation.


Mississippi KIDS COUNT Issue Briefs and Reports

The goal of MS KIDS COUNT is to be the premier data source on children and families for the state of Mississippi in the areas of health, education, economic well-being and child safety. To that end, we strive to inform Mississippians by producing and disseminating timely reports and issues briefs based on the most current research available.


Using the state's varied resources and human capital to meet the needs of our children in new and creative ways paves the way for a brighter economic outlook for Mississippi and ensures the best possible environments for children.

― Dr. Linda Southward, Social Science Research Center

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Impressed with a program or project that directly improves the well-being of children and families in a Mississippi community? Request more information about the Mississippi KIDS COUNT Success Story nomination process.